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Solar Edge

More Power for Hours

SolarEdge Energy Bank is one of the main battery options we provide at Speir Solar. This comes in 10, 20, and 30kWh configurations. The SolarEdge Energy Bank is a DC-coupled battery and inverter combination that is ready to power your home or business. The SolarEdge Energy Bank also speeds up homeowner payback by sending more energy back to the grid, while simultaneously charging the battery during an outage.

Efficiency at its Best - Speir Solar

Efficiency at its Best

The SolarEdge Energy Bank delivers more power at less cost, thanks to an industry-leading 94.5% round-trip efficiency—system owners can maximize solar use and lower utility bills, and is able to keep the home running in an outage on just one battery.

The Solar Edge Energy Bank also powers more large appliances, like air conditioning and washers & dryers, for longer periods of time during an outage.


Flexibility With SolarEdge - Speir Solar

Flexibility With SolarEdge

SolarEdge is a flexible solution that is built for indoor or outdoor mounting as well as floor and wall mount options. It is simple to install and is ready for any of your solar energy backup needs.

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