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Off-grid solar runs and stores energy completely disconnected from the electricity grid, granting homeowners autonomy and freedom to everyday energy use. Off-grid solar power systems require a battery bank that will store your energy so that you can have power without ever relying on the local grid.

Sol-Ark - Speir Solar


The Sol-Ark All-in-One Battery Systems are designed by engineers and veterans to be a maintenance-free, noiseless solution to off-grid solar power. With a variety of options to power your home and engineer support 7 days a week, the Sol-Ark All-in-One Battery solutions are practical and affordable solutions for whole-home backup.

SimpliPhi - Speir Solar


SimpliPhi Power’s AccESS™ with PHI 3.8-M™ batteries and Sol-Ark inverter is a fully integrated and pre-programmed energy storage and management solution. With 15.2kWh, 19kWh, or 22.8Wh of total capacity, the AccESS keeps the lights on and lowers utility bills, creating peace of mind for homeowners and businesses.

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