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Off-Grid Power, Veteran Made

With the highest rated review on Energy Sage, you can be assured that the Sol-Ark All-in-One Battery Systems are guaranteed to keep your home powered while being off-grid. All Sol-Ark solutions come with an award-winning iron-clad 10 year warranty and a 7 day a week live support to assist you in all your needs.

Sol-Ark is an approved U.S government vendor and all solar energy solutions are proudly veteran made.

Sol-Ark and SimpliPhi Together - Speir Solar

Sol-Ark and SimpliPhi Together

In conjunction with SimpliPhi Power’s AccESS™ with PHI 3.8-M, Speir Solar implements a top of the line off-grid system to provide the power you need to your home or business with little hassle and minimal maintenance.

A Variety of Options to Suit Your Needs - Speir Solar

A Variety of Options to Suit Your Needs

Speir Solar installs 2 types of Sol-Ark Solutions to give you the best option for your needs

  • 15k All-in-One Solution
  • 12k All-in-One Solution

Get Solar for $0 Down

Take Advantage of Massive Rebates, and the 30% Tax Credit before they Expire.

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